Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jeff Remembers His Visit to BB12

with Jordan.  They visited to host the Lover's Lane POV at this exact point in the game.

Jeff:  I kept hearing everybody talk about the Meow Meow and so I said hey Meow Meow to him and he said "I knew people were watchin'!".

Rachel:  Oh you have no idea how much he talked about that....that Jeff and Jordan knew who he was!

Jeff:  Really?

Jeff asked Rachel who she stays in touch with.  Jordan mentioned Hayden and how the Zingbot said "Justin Bieber called and wants his hair back" to him.

Jordan: Hayden was nice looking.  He was cute.  I thought Lane was cute, too.

Rachel mumbles something.

Jeff: Yeah, don't they still hang around with Britney? The two of them?  And Enzo?

Rachel mumbles more.

Jeff: Well, they seemed really nice during our time here...

(Remember that Brendon got upset and threw a ball at Jeff during the comp?  And Jeff had to kind of duck out of the way?  And Jeff made a joke about Big Brother's insurance?)

(Brendon was a poor sport and a baby last year.)

Jeff wants Jordan to cut his hair later for him and starts telling her how he wants it.

 Jordan goes upstairs to shave her legs and invites Rachel to join her. Rachel sorts through the fish food and tells Jordan they have enough--they aren't missing a day like she thought they were.  Jordan is brushing her teeth and it is very loud next to the microphone.

Jordan and Rachel keep up steady conversation about how hot the person in the Zingbot costume must have been.  Meanwhile Kalia lays silently on the floor, listening to Bob Marley.

 Rachel really rubs it in by getting some of Jeff's snacks and crunching loudly, saying how good they are.  She just can't stop eating!

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