Monday, August 22, 2011

Jeff: Look.... She Worked with Janelle!

Jeff:  They worked together!  They weren't BFFs, they didn't go on Spring Break together...she just worked with Janelle.  They are friends by association....that's it!

Jeff is very coach-like at a time like this.  He is good at rallying the troops.

The camera shifts to the kitchen, where a number of lunch preparations are ongoing.  Jeff makes himself a Big Salad, but I did notice that he used A LOT of dressing.

Jordan is making herself a ham sandwich.

Jordan:  Ooooo!  I found a hair in the ham!

That didn't seem to spoil her appetite, though.  She had some hummus, too, and plans to take a nap this afternoon and will get under the covers.

There was a Diary Room Leak when we heard Kalia abruptly say hello and then immediately announce in an officious tone:  I am completely out of make-up remover pads!

You can tell that she bosses them around.  I wish the DR people would spill their guts one day.  I have heard the other houseguests say Kalia is rude to production----I believe that.

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