Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jeff is Pensive

Brendon came out to sit with him.  Jeff feels badly about Jordan and spent some time in the Have Not room with her.

Shelly reports that Jordan has a nosebleed and they joke about Jeff hitting her (not true).

Jeff, to Brendon:  Would that have anything to do with her not eating?

Brendon:  Maybe....probably more to do with how dry it is here...

Jeff:  Getting the bats out of the cave, huh?

Jeff lights up and Shelly says they have a lot of them left to smoke.  They discuss the old school method of quitting where you have to smoke dozens in a row.

Porsche is outside now.  Her image took a beating this morning, as Brenchal compared notes with Shelly about how sketchy she is.  Shelly already told Jeff this morning not to trust her.

Jeff:  When have I ever trusted her?

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