Monday, August 8, 2011

Jeff is Afraid of Tampons

Jordan tells Rachel this during a girl talk session on the patio.

Rachel:  That's because he doesn't have any sisters.

(Jeff has two or three brothers and he is the baby.)

Jordan:  I got my period one time when I was staying at his house and I asked him to take me to Walgreens to get some tampons and he just waited in the car for me!  He wouldn't go in.

Rachel hid some tampons in Brendon's bathroom because he gets grossed out, too.

Jordan:  When you're on your period you just feel so gross and nasty.

Rachel agrees.  Jordan used to take birth control pills but they made her feel psycho and crazy so she put a stop to that.

Rachel:  I just hate that you're not in control of your emotions...

(What?  Rachel said this?)

Meanwhile, there is a furious whisperfest happening between Shelly and Kalia in the kitchen, discussing Lawon's bizarre reaction to his nomination and what steps to take next.

On the patio Jordon tells Rachel how fit and skinny she looks---she noticed it right away when she saw Rachel in the BB house.

Kalia dropped her microphone in the toilet.  Cassi did that with her's on Day #2 and then dropped it in the pool later.

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