Monday, August 22, 2011

Jeff Exhales

in the HOH and asks Jordan how he did--no one would make eye contact with him when he started the ceremony.  He puts on some chapstick that he got in his HOH basket.

Jordan:  You did good!  Everybody was nervous.  I was nervous!

Jeff:  I know.  Your stomach was going grrowgrrr.

Rachel came in and was restrained.  She is excited but is trying to be cool about it.

Rachel:  I'm not gonna lie....I'm pretty excited!

Jeff:  I know.  That's good.  Be cool.  That's why I didn't tell you what I was going to do....

Rachel:  I know!  I thought you wouldn't use it, and we would just evict Porsche...which is good, but....

She says Brendon is going to be so happy when he sees Dani come into the Jury House.  She thinks he is going to clap when he sees her.

Jordan:  Don't say that...don't jinx us.

They are wary of Adam because he went right into the Have Not room with the three girls when the ceremony was over.  They need one more vote and they are hoping Shelly will come through with it.

Jordan and Rachel celebrate by crunching their way through some of Jeff's HOH snacks.  Rachel wants to study every night with Jordan for the HOH--she thinks it will be a True/False competition and they need to be prepared.

It's freezing in the HOH room.

They think Dani knew she was going up based on the way she looked.  They also know that Porsche didn't get all "done up", so she was expecting to be taken off the block.

Jeff says he taked to Porsche late yesterday, but there were no guarantees.  Jeff is plowing through the cheese and cracker plate he found in his HOH fridge.

Rachel likes Jeff's cheese.  I think it is called Pub Cheese.

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  1. In that first Jeff photo( you are right, he's got great genes/jeans) it looks like Jeff has his hands down his pants. Thank you.


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