Monday, August 8, 2011

Jeff and Jordan Talk About The Amazing Race

Jordan finally broke down and took a cold shower.  She put on some shorts and a cute top.

Jeff:  Love, you look so sexy!

Jordan:  Thanks!

Shelly loves her shirt and Jordan said she can borrow it.  Someone bought it for her in Atlanta but she doesn't know the name of the store.  Shelly started talking about how she visits Hong Kong and has a suit custom made for her for $150.  They take her measurements and she chooses the fabric, then it is waiting for her at her hotel the next day, ready to take home.

This brought up a whole conversation about international travel, and how many connections Shelly has to make to fly to Asia.  She is a Platinum flier on Delta, so she stays on Delta flights to get free business upgrades.

Jeff:  Jordan, remember how much a flight to China was on The Amazing Race?

Jordan:  Huh?  No..

Jeff explains that they were supposed to fly to Chile, but Jordan ran up to the ticket counter and asked for two tickets to China.

Jeff:  And it was our first leg of the trip!  I was like, this is going to go well...

Some of the conversation was cut by Big Brother, but there was plenty of information that we did hear.  Jordan mentioned that they fought a lot, but so did everybody else on the show.  Jeff said that if you didn't get yourself up to leave for the next leg of the journey, they would just leave without you.

Jeff bought a travel alarm clock, but was always worried so he never really slept well.  They stayed in all different places and slept in all different types of situations.

Jordan:  We slept outside!

Jeff:  My favorite was Argentina...everyone else was bitching about it, but I liked it.   We stayed in a big tent...

Jordan, to Shelly:  You would like it..the people who ran the farm were awesome.

Jeff:  Dude we had some fresh lamb that they put on the grill..

Adam:  Mmmmmm.

Jordan:  Yeah, they cooked for everybody.

Shelly:  Do you keep in touch with anybody?

Jeff:  Yeah, I don't know if you'd know them...

When we return he is talking about the people being from Providence, or someplace like that.

Jordan:  And all of the people we met...just like this show there are hundreds of people who have done it, and when you meet them they are all so nice.

Shelly:  Did you meet the lady who shaved her head?  Is she nice?

Jordan:  Yeah!  Very nice!

Jeff agrees.

Jordan:  Remember that girl Stephanie whose boyfriend proposed to her on the show with his Mom's wedding ring?  His mom died before the show?  Well, she's pregnant now!

Shelly:  Oh!

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