Thursday, August 4, 2011

The HOH Lockdown has Started

and guess who has been having a meltdown?

Yes, Rachel. She has really showed her ass this morning.   Not literally though.  Not yet.


1.  She wants to leave.
2.  She needs her stipend because she is broke.
3.  She lost everything because of the show last year---her family, friends and job.
4.  Everyone hates her.
5.  She spoke with the shrink Dr. Zachary yesterday and concludes she is nuts.
6.  Shelly tried to give her a pep talk and failed.
7.  She went on 6 science job interviews last year and lost all of them due to BB12.
8.  She keeps mentioning Britney from BB12 and how America loved her.
9.  She announced she is going to walk out tonight with Brendon
10.  Blah blah blah

(A lot of people interviewed for jobs last year and didn't get them.  But if she can't get waitressing or cocktailing jobs sporting those huge jugs, she probably should just end it all now.)

Cruddy the Elf is enjoying a Milano cookie, by Pepperidge Farm.

Rachel is making sobbing noises and just blew her nose using a roll of toilet paper.  Obviously she is having some sort of psychic break and needs some help.

Jordan just pulled a Britney and held a gun to her head.  I didn't catch it for the camera, though.  She looks very tan.  She and Jeff are breezy, funny and chipper this morning, a direct contrast to Brenchal.

Dani is enjoying her last hours in her HOH room.  She hiccups a lot. She likes to eat rice cakes with peanut butter and Cool Whip. She might be referring to Peanut Butter Flavored Cool Whip, but if that product exists please don't tell me....I don't want to know about that.  She likes to showcase those trashy hip tatoos.

The first song this morning was a Bjork song that Jeff had never heard of.  Human Behavior, maybe?  Jeff wondered if there were subliminal messages in it.  Probably.   Bjork used to rock it.

I think there was also a Rolling Stones song this morning.

Porsche is eating an apple and cottage cheese.   No one has mentioned Brendon or Rachel in at least two minutes.

Here are Brendon and Shelly's feet, for those of you who are foot fans.  Down there on the lower left.

How sad is it that most of Dani's HOH pictures are of herself as a child?  And she received this certificate from ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  Has she achieved nothing else since then?  Production should have contacted Annie from BB12 to get some pictures of Dani, right?  I'm sure she has a few.....

There's an Elf in the HOH bed.

Big Jeff is in there, too, catching a few winks.  Did you know that Jeff and Jordan will never appear under the same blanket during BB13?  They may be in the same bed, but not under the same blanket.  They try to keep it clean for the fans and family members.

We could hear the BB theme music playing in the HOH.  Jordan started humming it, and we went to TRIVIA.

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