Friday, August 19, 2011

Hard-Boiled Eggs & Jalapenos

are what America has chosen for the Have Nots this week.  The outdoor lockdown just ended, and the houseguests walked in the house to find this display.

Apparently Jeff got to pick who is on slop---I think he picked Dani, Porsche and Kalia.  And I think he did it just now, during the feed break.

Rachel offered Dani honey dew melon this morning, and I just watched Kalia eat, so this must be what happened.

The cameras focus on Dani flopping down dramatically on her bed.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Jordan talk about it in the HOH.

Jordan:  Wow!  Can you see how pissed she was?

Jeff:  Well, you can't not be a Have Not in this game and then get pissed when they are!

Outside Rachel, Shelly and Adam talk about their poor sportsmanship.

Shelly:  The funny thing is that everyone swore the Have Nots are over....

Adam points out that today is Dani's birthday, and she's a Have Not.

Shelly:  And she kept saying it isn't that bad...thank god Jeff won!

Apparently Big Brother asked for volunteers, and no one volunteered so Jeff appointed the Have Nots.

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