Monday, August 8, 2011

Ha Ha Ha Ha Dumbest MF'er on the Planet

Well, folks.  We knew Lawon was stupid, but THIS stupid?

He is now on the block in Jeff's place, and is walking around acting pissed.  Rachel made a beeline to the DR door and buzzed the bell until they cleared her to enter.  Remember that green top she is wearing below---we should see an energetic DR session on TV after this event.

Lawon:  I need to go outside, I need a damn cigarette!

Lawon is trying to act as if he didn't volunteer to go up---he did offer himself up to Kalia and Dani last night, but now he is trying to put on an act of anger.

Lawon:  I want to know WHY!

Basically, Lawon thinks that he will be evicted, and will come back in the house as HOH.  (ha ha ha ha ha)

Jeff and Jordan go into the Have Not room.  Jordan feels like an ass, after how she reacted in the DR this week.  She was certain that Kalia would put her up on the block and I guess she told them it was "bull you know what" that Kalia said she wouldn't.

(Contrast that with Rachel saying the Eff word on the live show last week!)

Shelly is celebrating with them, too, and is using a clothes hanger like a whip, indicating what she would like to do to Porsche.  I guess she is smirking and people are getting pissed at her.

Lawon came in the Have Not room.

Jeff:  You okay Boo?

Lawon:  I need some answers!  I just want to know WHY?  And WHY can't nobody tell me first?

Jordan:  Don't worry, you'll be coming right back in the house after!  (ha ha ha ha ha ha)

He leaves and is now bouncing the little basketball around the kitchen.

Uh, Lawon you wore a tie this morning....surely you were preparing for your screen time as a nominee.

And I have to say, that Padded Cell photographs beautifully.  Everyone who is in there looks stunning against that cream-colored backdrop.

So...who's coming in on Thursday?  I say Dom or Cassi---it really depends on who Middle America wants in the house.  And Allison Grodner, of course.

High Five, Allison.  Things are looking up now!

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