Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting Ready to Get Ready

The energy level in the house today is very low.  The camera operators have been very bored, and have been practicing zooming on different household objects.

A competition will start soon.  Jeff is in the DR.  Adam is making a shitload of bacon in case he becomes a Have Not.  He tells Danielle that he makes bacon five out of seven days, on average.  She is trying to make a conversation out of it but it's not really working out.

The first picture is from an hour or so ago, while Rachel and Jordan were still in the Have Not room.

Back to now---Adam tells Dani that his usual breakfast is an egg white omelet with a bunch of stuff in it and jalapenos.  Dani really misses jalapenos.

Kalia is wearing some sort of plaid schmatta and took her sack of HOH laundry to the storage room.

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