Saturday, August 13, 2011

Flashback - Rachel & Shelly Throw Down

This Flashback is from last night---August 12th, around 7:15 PM.  Jordan, Kalia, Rachel and Shelly are in Candy Land, getting to the bottom of a lot of lies.

Jordan:  I have NOT made any deals!  We are down to nine now.  If Jeff and I are the final two that would be great, but that's probably not going to happen.

Jordan points out that she doesn't talk game to anyone (except Brenchal).  Kalia admits that she doesn't have a final two deal with Jordan---Jordan just wants to get that straight and she sounds calm and collected.

Rachel:  Shelly, would you like to tell everyone what you keep saying about me?

Shelly:  Well Rachel, since you already know, why don't you tell us?  (getting a tone in her voice)  Rachel you just keep doing your squinting and glinting at doesn't affect me, you don't intimidate me.  I'll just end up calming you down like we do all the time.  I'm not going to raise my voice and get's not my style.

Rachel:  You talk trash about me and make fun of me with Danielle..

Brendon is overhead speaking to Rachel, trying to talk her down.  (On the Flashbacks you can't change cameras unfortunately.)

Jordan:  I just want to know where all of these stories are coming from?

Rachel:  Shelly!

Jordan:  All these lies are gettin' made up, nobody can keep their mouth shut in here, and somebody is just going to skate by.  It's causing all of this tension in here, because nobody knows who it is!

Jeff:  I've been saying for a long time now that somebody is playing a fucked up game of telephone.  Stuff is getting twisted and people who I spoke to know what I said...the others don't!

Jordan says everybody better just tell everybody what they have to say, because she ends up hearing it anyway.

Jeff:  Everybody knows everything in this house.  It' gets around---don't think you're telling your best friend and its a secret.  It's all coming right back, and I'm saying that to everybody.  Watch your integrity, because some people's is in question.  That's all I want to say---I don't even care about this meeting.

Jordan:  We didn't get anything accomplished...

Jordan and Shelly leave.  Rachel and Brendon start bickering and Kalia gets up and leaves.  Porsche leaves too after telling Rachel it's okay for her to nap in her bed.

Rachel:  Just a sex I promise.

Jeff tries to speak calmly to Brendon and Rachel about it---someone is walking around telling people word-for-word what is being said.  He really wanted to put Shelly on the spot.

Rachel:  I would never talk you and Jordan, never!

Jeff:  I don't even care....I just wanted to put her on the spot.  I know it's her.

Brendon:  Nothings changed...everything's fine.

Jeff and Rachel are both really Anti-Shelly right now--they have figured out her game.

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