Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fight! Fight!

Rachel just marched up to the HOH room and burst in on Dani.

Rachel:  I've been HOH twice, and I've been told that you can't give shout outs on your blog!

Dani:  I've been HOH twice in my season, two.

Rachel:  Well, I've been HOH twice in my own season, too.  Why would you say that to Shelly?

Dani:  Say what?  Why is it any of your business what I wrote in my blog?

Rachel:  Why would you lie and manipulate people with your power to make someone else cry?  You've made Shelly cry!

Dani:  What's wrong with you?
Rachel starts repeating herself.

Dani:  Get out!  I'm done with you!

They both march downstairs and Rachel stops in the kitchen to mutter to Porsche.  She doesn't want to go outside because she doesn't want to be involved in a fight.

Dani goes outside and starts talking to Shelly.  Apparently Dani told Shelly that she wrote in her blog that her husband Tony shouldn't forget to put a heart on Josie's sleeve, or something like that.  That made Shelly emotional.

Now Rachel comes out and she and Dani start shouting at each other.

BB puts a stop to it.

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