Friday, August 5, 2011

The End of Cruddy the Elf

Adam has been waiting all morning to call everyone together to put an end to the Elf Suit.  Big Brother is behind this, of course.  This is going to be on TV.

Adam went around the circle and asked everyone what they liked best and least about Cruddy.  He calls on Jeff first.

Jeff:  Best?  I liked that Cruddy took over for Adam and Adam wasn't here.

Jeff realizes how harsh this sounds, and changes his answer.

Jeff:  I really liked that you could say anything to Cruddy and it was okay with Adam.  Least liked?  Sometimes Cruddy was just a little too cheery for me.

Rachel:   Best? I liked the dance that Cruddy did for my bachelorette party.  Least?  I wish there was more skin involved.

I don't remember what everyone said, but I do know the following:

Porsche wished his elf shoes had bells on them.
Shelly wished that his clothes did not have bells on them.
Lawon said that sometimes Cruddy was too Cruddy.
Kalia liked that Cruddy would pop up on the HOH screen and creep them out.

After they go around the circle, Cruddy strips down and becomes Adam, complete with the annoying deep loud Adam voice.

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