Friday, August 19, 2011

Eff, Marry or Kill?

Ralph Cirella from Geektime and The Howard Stern Show is a Big Brother fan.  He only watches the TV show and doesn't want to hear any spoilers, but here is his assessment of the ladies in the Big Brother house.

Ralph likes Rachel's drama, and he is not a big Dani fan.  He made a comment a few weeks ago that even Dani's own father hates her.  Well, someone told Evel Dick about that, and he responded as follows.

I'm sure this makes Ralph's day.  Literally....

Additionally, Evel Dick brings up a good point.  There will be six POV players if Dani is nominated, and seven if she isn't.  Because she won a POV ticket last week, she will be added to the other six.  So Jeff should go ahead and nominate her, so if she wins she can take herself off the block.

If she't not nominated, she will take off Porsche or Kalia if she wins the POV, forcing Jeff to nominate someone else.

(Last night Jeff was leaning towards nominating Porsche and Kalia and backdooring Dani if she doesn't win the POV, thinking that this would result in goodwill with Dani if she does win it....a bad plan.)

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