Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dick at Nite 8-3-11

So I watched last night's Dick at Nite show on  This show aired last night just after the CBS Wednesday night BB13 episode.

Once again, Dick's costars who receive top billing did not appear.  No Janelle, no James, and no Jun.

BUT--the show was the best I've seen due to the hilarious presence of Rob Cesternino.  If you don't know Rob, he was a contestant on Survivor --the season that girl Jenna won---and he was also on Survivor All Stars.  Jeff Probst always says Rob was the best Survivor contestant who never won.  He is one of the funniest human beings ever.  And I mean that.  Even though he's not a former BB contestant, he knows everything about BB13 and has been watching the feeds.

If you're going to watch one Dick at Nite show, watch this one.  I laughed out loud numerous times, which actually is rare for me, even though I have a decent sense of humor.  I had to restart this fucking broadcast due to technical difficulties a total of 9 times, but did it every time due to Rob Cesternino.  I even laughed out loud typing up some of the list below (#2, #7, #9, etc etc etc)

Evel Dicks' other guests were Ronnie Talbot (BB11) and Enzo Palumbo (BB12).

Once again I tried to take pictures, but kept having to restart the broadcast after snapping one, so it just wasn't meant to be, I guess.  I did get a couple, though, before I gave up.

OK, let's go.

1.  That is Enzo in the top right of the screen.  I didn't recognize him until Dick introduced him.  Once I heard the voice, it clearly was Enzo.  Enzo's main contributions to the show were "Yo yo bro" and "what the fuck", but it was good to see and hear him.  His mannerisms were always funny to me.

2.  You may know that Evel Dick will be on the live show tonight, with a taped package concerning his thoughts on Dani's game.  As you might guess, Dick is very critical of Dani.  Dick mentions that the "dumbass motherfuckers on Jokers" are already talking shit about his appearance, so he has a special profane message for them.  Ha ha ha you've got to love Dick.  He hates but still keeps going back there again and again.

3.  Dick also jabs Nicki from Live at the Studio again and says she has 'stolen all the money' two years in a row from her Vegas bash.  Dick says that Jeff and Jordan and the other stars will not attend.  Dick hates Nicki too but doesn't assign any hand gestures in her direction.

4.  All of them laughed about Brendon on the Wednesday CBS show thinking he was going to fool Dani somehow regarding taking himself off the block.  I'm glad they brought this up---I didn't understand what Brendon was saying and had to re-watch part of it twice.  Sure, I was high as a kite, but it still didn't make sense.  It didn't make sense to Evel Dick, either, so I'm relieved.

5.  Enzo:  Yo, he was talkin' game wearing a pink bandana on his head!

6.  Evel Dick thinks each houseguest should get to punch Brenchal in the face every time they say the word 'fiance'.

7.  Dick brings up that day's fiasco on the live feeds---when Rachel went ballistic about what Dani did or didn't say about Shelly on her HOH blog.  Rob C. says he just wants to give a shout out to Shelly's kids---he mentions their school lunches and it is hilarious and is right on point with the BB13 action.

8.  Notice Rob's sign behind him--he says that is a subliminal message to vote for Dom tonight to come back in the game.  I'm not surprised Rob likes Dom--Dom had some good game play and reminds me of Dr. Will in his DR sessions.

9.  They mocked Brendon for being on the block this week and not doing anything much to stay in the game.  The trashy wedding plans are mentioned as a fucking waste of time.  Rob compares Brendon to Jerry Maguire asking everyone to leave with him and then going alone.  Another hilarious comment.  Even Enzo was able to understand that comparison.

10.  Enzo would leave his Grandma on the block and take himself off if he had to.  He mentions that Brenchal had no friends last year and were always on their own in the house.

11.  Ronnie makes a funny by saying he hopes that a few days after Brendon leaves, someone goes up to Rachel in the house and asks her if she thinks Brendon is Skyping.  You know, so she will lose her shit.  Rob C. has also brilliantly prepared for this, by holding up his iPad that is already queued up with Brendon's Skype tearful apology to Rachel.   Dick summarizes that Brendon jacked off on Skype with some chick who turned out to be a guy.  You can see Rob with his iPad below.  I would have loved to get a big picture of that but circumstances did not allow.  Look at Ronnie and Dick cracking up.  So funny.

12.  I love Rob Cesternino, if you couldn't tell.  He deserves to have a real career out there in LA.  He tried to ride the reality train for awhile (Anybody remember The Fishbowl?  Or worse, that slasher movie they all made?) but he can do a lot more.

13.  They talked about how Jeff is very paranoid about being backdoored.  This brings up a conversation about how Dumbledore was always getting backdoored and it is also funny.

14.  Dick is worried that Dom will come back in the house and Dani will end up doing exactly what she did in Season 8 with Nick.  Namely hiding out in the bedroom with him, giggling and playing "grab ass".  He's right--this is exactly what will happen.

15.  Dick is going to say more about the 'trashy wedding' on tonight's episode of Dick at Nite.  He mentions that Jeff excused himself in the middle of it to "go take a shit".  (Is that true?  Once again, so funny.)

16.  Dick mentions Sharon from BB9---god I hated her.  (Remember the Fur-iends?)  She gave birth to a baby girl named Skyler yesterday, but will be on the show soon. I can hardly wait.  On the bright side, I'm sure her presence will induce a discussion about the drug fiends, porno stars, and jail birds from BB9.  (I think it's everybody but Sharon, Chelsia, and Big Sheila.)

17.  Rob C. is ready with a sound effect of Rachel's laugh that he plays here and there when necessary.  Really it is hilarious.  Sorry to keep saying that, but I love having a good laugh and there were plenty with this show.  The four of them had good chemistry and kind of a guy's clubhouse thing going.

18.  Enzo said Shelly looks like Fire Marshall Bill.  Ha ha so effing funny.

19.  Dick now refers to Kalia as Kalia the Hut and has some special graphics being produced for this.

20.  As predicted, Evel Dick has started to make fun of the Video Mailbag people.  It was only a matter of time.  Julie from Ontario asked some long question and Dick said he wanted to know what happened to her "fucking eyebrows".  (Enzo:  Oh...shit!)  That opened the door for more.  Rob C. said one Video Mailbag guy looked like he was shooting an Al Queda hostage tape.  So very funny.

That's all I have on the show.  Tonight's guest will be Ross Matthews, so it should be a good one.

Thank you Evel Dick, for another great show!

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