Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dick at Nite Show

This episode of Dick at Night was taped sometime in the last few weeks.  I tried to figure out the date, but I don't have a calendar handy.  I guess it doesn't matter.

Dick's guest was only Ronnie Talbot (BB11) at first, but then James Rhine (BB6 & Allstars) beamed in from Chicago to save the day.  The theme of tonight's episode is a definition of terms--"Big Brother 101".  (Although I must admit that at first I thought the sign said "Big Brother LOL".)  I'm not sure why the slide has the name "Bryan" at the bottom of it, because a new feature of Dick at Night features each panelist having their Twitter handle published at the bottom of the screen.

1.  The first lesson is the term "backdoor".  Dick is pissed that so many fans and BB players don't know what the term means.  He points out that Jeff did not backdoor Daniele, since she had the chance to play for the POV.  Both Jeff and Dani have said she was backdoored and Dick disputes it.

2.  When Dick does his interviews live in the backyard, they are going to be broadcast (and probably taped) for Dick's website.  The screen will look like the one above, with the interviewee in the main panel with Dick. There will be former BB houseguests beamed in in the little squares to ask questions.  That sounds super cool but I hope Dick is judicious in his choice of panelists.  There can't be too many, and the ones who participate need to know their shit, like Jun and maybe James.  Ronnie is pretty good, too, since he is a Super Fan.

3.  Dick is not a fan of Jeff or Jordan and elaborates on this as usual.  He says he never specifically roots for anyone when he watches the show---he just looks for good gameplay.  The one exception is Dani, who I guess he is rooting for. Or was rooting for.  Whatever.

4.  Now Dick defines the term floater, which is says is grossly overused in the BB house.  I guess people have called Jordan a floater, but he says she is actually a coattail-rider.  He says Rachel is kind of becoming a floater, which is true.  And ironic, in my opinion.

5.  Dick mentions that James has "dated" a number of BB houseguests, including his daughter Dani.  Dick says he knows that James "made out with her at Kail's", which I think refers to the "Rainbow Reunion" that Kail threw at her motel in Oregon.  James sidestepped that topic with much effort and says that was many years ago but he has certainly enjoyed being a BB houseguest due to all of the people he has met.  And screwed, I guess.

6.  James says last year he was hired to conduct interviews in the backyard after the BB12 season ended, but then the offer was rescinded and it all fell through.  Dick says this is due to Chelsia scaring one of the BB12 contestants so that she walked out of sequester before the season started.  (This would explain why Chelsia did not conduct the pre-season interviews this year, wouldn't it?)

That is about all I can remember from this episode.

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