Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dick at Night 8-29-11

This show was taped last Sunday night.  Dick was still on his road trip, "at a friend's house".  There is not denying that Dick was on a "trip", though.

 He was obviously high as a kite, leaving Matt Hoffman (BB12) to try and restore some sort of order to the broadcast.  James Rhine (BB6 and Allstars) was also a panelist.  Howie Gorden was at James' apartment and appeared on camera several times in an annoying way.  Maybe they are roommates?  At what age do these adults stop having roommates?

Matt knew right away that someone needed to take the lead so he bravely tried to hold the show together.  You can see that cool framed bat that he has---I mentioned that in another post.

There were a number of dead air silences---usually Dick keeps the conversation going and has a list of topics he wants to cover.  You can see that Matt put on his Diamond Power of Veto to demonstrate how cheap and tacky it is.  He keeps it hanging on the wall which is cute.

Howie really tries to be the center of attention, as you can see.

Yeah, yeah, Howies naked.  But look at Dick---he is way fucked up.  At one point Matt read a caller's question that said "Just how high are you tonight?" and Matt graciously acted like the question was directed at him and started discussing an operation, and pain pills (kidding).

Then Dick said that Marijuana is legal.

Matt:  Not in Illinois....

Dick:  Well it is in Colorado!

I love to smoke pot and have actually done it several (hundred) times.  Dick can handle his weed---he's a big boy.  I have no idea what he was on tonight.  Maybe he was high on life...

He did tweet an apology at one point, saying "sorry but I was a little out of it on the last show" but I can't find that tweet now.  It either got deleted, or maybe I imagined it.  Maybe I was high!  ha ha ha.


Here is something I forgot when I first posted this recap:

James Rhine was originally on BB6 teamed with Sarah, his girlfriend.  I heard him say on the live feeds that his partner was supposed to be a male friend of his and Sarah was substituted at the last minute.  Tonight he says that his friend backed out because he didn't want to be on TV, or something like that.  James learned that his friend backed out when Robyn Kass from Casting called to tell him.

Here's the thing:  James has not talked to his friend at all since then.  He thinks his friend should have been man enough to call him and explain why he didn't want to be on Big Brother, rather than having Robyn do it.

I thought that was interesting....

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  1. James Rhine dropped a friend because he didn't want to do big brother? Shocking. Again, this is fame whorey behaviors. Also, didn't he complain about the veto being rigged on his second season? Annoying.


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