Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dick at Nite 8-15-11 Part 2

This is a recap of a Dick at Night episode from 8-15-11.  This show aired on Sunday night, after the blockbuster Thursday live show where Brendon came back in the house, and Dani won HOH.  This is a Super Duper episode with Keith, Dominic, and Cassi, who were just released into the general population.  This is the second half of the show---I watched about 85% of the entire episode.  I think I watched enough to get the gist of it.

I recapped Part 1 already---you can read that here.

1.  Dick continues to berate the newbies on how much their game sucked, but it is good-natured ribbing.

2.  Keith asked Dick about the guy who appeared on Media Day, but never came into the house.  He wants to know what happened to him.  Dick explained that BB always casts an alternate, in case something happens between sequester and the show's kick-off.

3.  I believe that, but they don't have the alternates participate in Media Day, do they?  I'm thinking whoever that guy was should have been cast instead of Lawon.   A few years ago (BB9, maybe?) there were rumors of a guy who got booted from sequester because he tried to contact his girlfriend at home, so I just assumed this was what the problem was.

4.  Dick mentioned that Chelsia Hart from SuperPass scared someone during their interview and that girl decided to withdraw and go home.  If I remember correctly, that was from last year, and I think she was a latin women who was probably Sheriff Kathy's age.  I know Chelsia asks all of them if they're ready to have all of their secrets unearthed on the internet and put on blast forever.  She also asks if they're ready to have cameras on them at all times.  Maybe this scared that lady who left?  I believe this happened because Dick is in the know, but I wonder why Chelsia gets the blame for it.

5.  Dick mentions to the evicted newbies that SuperPass will approach them after the season is over and will offer them "a $50 gift card" in exchange for doing an interview.  Dom got a big laugh out of this, but I'll bet he will do it.  He seems to want to squeeze all of the publicity he can out of this, and who can blame him?  I could see him cast on a Saved By the Bell type of show---I think he is adorable and energetic and the camera loves him.  

6.  Dick repeats again that Nikki who puts on the Vegas bash every year hasn't given one cent to charity for the last few years, and even "stranded Jeff and Jordan at the airport".  Dick really, really doesn't want anyone to attend or buy the party live feeds.  (I can tell you that interviews from this party will find their way onto You Tube eventually.  The sound quality is usually terrible and the houseguests are super-wasted, so I don't recommend paying for them, but that's just me talking.)

7.  Dick told the newbies that the guy from TV Grapevine will interview them and then be a dick about it---he will try to start trouble during his interviews and get them to all fight with each other.

8.  Ed is throwing a party the day after the finale at Universal City Walk---probably at Howl at the Moon or the Hard Rock Cafe.  I'm not sure if the general public can attend, or if it is just for BB alumni and friends, but I'm sure Ed is planning a telecast of some sort for his website.

9.  ****SPOILER?****  Dick tweeted that he is in L.A. this week---I'm thinking he will appear on tonight's show somehow.  His appearance always causes a ratings spike and with Dani on the chopping block the timing is right.  I guess we'll see---this episode is sure to be action-packed so maybe they won't have the time.

10.  Dick might put on a Reality Cruise sometime in the future.  Dom is excited about this, but I think he should wait and get a load of the Big Brother fan base first.   Being stuck on  a cruise ship with some of the Super Fans might not exactly be a dream come true.   Once again, just me talking...

11.  Dick told us that the Big Brother 13 Finale will be on September 14th, for 90 minutes from 8:00 to 9:30 pm EST.  He will be doing interviews again live from the backyard.   I will cover and recap those interviews here....I can't wait to see what happens!

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