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Dick at Nite 8-15-11 Part 1.

This is a recap of a Dick at Night episode from 8-15-11.  This show aired on Sunday night, after the blockbuster Thursday live show where Brendon came back in the house, and Dani won HOH.  This is a Super Duper episode with Keith, Dominic, and Cassi, who were just released into the general population.  This show is a two parter.

Sorry I can't take pictures of the screen.  Trust that all of the BB13 people look cute.

1.  Keith is listening on a telephone.  Dick says he got a bad edit on the show and just looked like a womanizing asshole.  Cassi said he was like a fly that would land on you and you would swat it away. Keith says he really wanted a piece of Dani, not Porsche.

2.  Dick shows footage of "The Regulators" coming together in the house and high-fiving each other, as well as Rachel nominating Keith and Porsche.  Then we see Dominic saying that he trusts Shelly and everyone groans.  Dick wears a red clown nose to drive home the point that they all played like clowns and sucked.

3.  Lots of cringing from the panel as they see the lowlights of their evictions, etc, on screen.

4.  Dick reminds them all that they are all under contract and can't talk about production, can't tell BB secrets,etc.  So they can't discuss whether America's Vote to bring back Brendon was bullshit or not.

5.  Dick says that he has heard from thousands of fans, and many of them say they voted for Brendon because:  a) they thought Rachel would be evicted and would see Rachel and Brendon square off against each other, or b) they wanted the drama of Brenchal together on camera.

6.  Dick says that he knew Dani would be on the show, but didn't know Jeff/Jordan and Brenchal would be cast as well.  He knew from watching Survivor that you have to use that star power when you come into a situation like that and are outnumbered.  The newbies showed their cards during the first HOH competition with the bananas.  At the end Porsche was the only newbie hanging up their with Dick and Dani and Rachel.  None of the newbies cheered for any of the veterans, so Dick knew they were already squaring off and he approached Porsche to come over to their side.

7.  They discuss how Dick lied to Shelly and told her that Cassi approached him to nominate their duo and to give her the golden key.  Shelly bought it "hook, line and sinker" and later when they discussed it Cassi said she was going to call out Dick on the finale about the lie.

8.  Dick again badmouths Adam with the 90210 obsession, the bacon, etc.  He once again plays "the bit" of the Six Flags old man dancing.  I don't think it is that funny but I get it.  Also the Uncle Fester bit.  Don't go into comedy, Dick.  Stick with your BB gig.

9.  Dom says that Adam told him that the only reason why he was on BB was because of Dick, and that Dick was the only one who would be able to tell Adam what to do and he would do it.

10.  I think Dominic's new haircut is too short.  But maybe he needed to chop it for work.  He is definitely in his parent's house, from the look of framed picture in his background.  Now Dick shows the You Tube video of Dom dancing.  Dom says he was home sick and was trying to learn how to use the camera.  Dick:  So you put it up on You Tube?  Dom: That was a year ago.

11.  Dick played a You Tube video of Kalia eating to music.  It was okay but the production values were substandard.

12.  Dick basically berates the three of them the whole time for their shitty game play.

13.  The newbies said they were all happy when Dick left.  Dick mentions the footage of Keith dancing around and says he doesn't blame him---he would have danced too.

14.  Cassi says it is insane to be afraid of Brendon and Rachel.  Cassi says she went to Jeff and Jordan to get them to take Rachel out but they wouldn't go for it.  Dick wouldn't have done it, either.

15.   Dick mentions that the greatest Big Brother player of all time--Dr. Will won season #2 and should have won All Stars and didn't win one competition.  He threw some of them and it was obvious, but he relied on his strategy and social game to be successful.  He says this because Cassi says she would have put up Brenchal if only she won HOH.

16.  Keith says the other girls hated Cassi .  Cassi says Dani said she wanted to shove Cassi in front of a moving bus.  Cassi hates the edit she got from CBS because they didn't show any of her game play, only her sitting around "in her bikini looking at birds".

17.  Dick says that Brendon and Rachel were also starstruck by him.  Only Jeff and Dani didn't care that Dick was there.   Dom says that he didn't really know much about Evel Dick.  Cassi said she knew who he was, but she still "wasn't gonna kiss his ass".  Dick wants to know why she kept making dates to polish his fingernails.  Cassi bites back that Dick was painting her toenails, too, and he doesn't deny it.

18.  They want to know what Cassi says about Shelly now.  She says that she knows that something was up. Dick said she basically conceded, and you should never do that in this game.  Cassi doesn't blame Jordan for nominating her, it sucks, but she did what she had to do.

19.  Dick is really harsh on Jordan, saying she is stupid, she never competes, etc.  He says he included her in conversations because she was sitting there, but for no other reason.  He thinks the idea of Jeff sitting there is intimidating, but he "hasn't won a fucking thing".  And "Jordan can't win a fucking thing without it being thrown to her".  (This was prior to Jeff winning HOH this week.)

20.  Wow, in the final moments of Part #1, Keith busts out with a question about Shelly.

Keith:  Why do you think no one has figured out Shelly yet?

Dominic:  Shelly is a SNAKE!

Dick:  Shelly is the biggest liar in the house!

And Part #1 ends here.  I will watch Part #2 as soon as I can for you.

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