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Dick at Nite 8-11-11

I finally got off my ass and am catching up with recent Dick at Night shows on RTVZone.com.  Dick's guests on this night were James Rhine (BB6 & Allstars), Matt Hoffman (BB12), Jun Song (BB4), and Shannon Elizabeth the actress, who is a big fan of Big Brother.

This show was taped right after the live show where Lawon battled Brendon to come back in the house.  As you might expect, the energy level is high but this group does a good job not talking over each other.

OK.  Here goes.

1.  Lawon takes a beating as the "stupidest motherfucker ever to play the game", taking over for Marcellas (BB3).  Marcellas is good friends with Shannon Elizabeth---he used to be her stylist and talked about her on the live feeds.

2.  James has been "keeping" Dani's Twitter account for her while she is in the house.  James takes an opportunity to bad mouth his ex-girlfriend Sarah, who was his partner on BB6.  I guess the breakup was not very amicable.  Dick mentions he "saw her fucking Mike from his show at the cast party".  Mike?  Was he the house painter who was evicted first?

3.  Dick is keeping an eye on the live feeds and says Dani looks like she lost her best friend.  (This was after Brendon came back, but before Dani won HOH.)  He thinks she is "playing like shit" and does not convince the others because it comes off like everything she wants to do is best for her, not the others.

4.  Matt thinks Shelly looks like she stinks.  Dick says he didn't really get close enough to smell her crotch, but Matt thinks she must smell musty. (Shelly showers with her bathing suit on, so Matt might be right.)

5.  Dick repeats again how annoyed he was with Adam.  They all agree that Adam is trying to be too kitschy and quirky and have catch phrases like Howie (BB6).  Shannon says that Adam want's so badly to be known after this.  Dick calls it "forced eccentricity" and James says everyone since Mike Boogie (BB2 & Allstars) tries to do it.  Matt says that he does it on the live show and that is a sign he is way out there.  Dick brings up again that he watched Adam eat 3 1/2 pounds of bacon himself before he left the house this year.

6  James is growing his hair longer and has kind of a pompadour thing going.  I wish I could take pictures, but I can't.  Sorry.

7.  Dick says that Shelly got screwed over in the edit of tonight's show.  She was the one who put out the ideas that Lawon or Porsche should be nominated but the CBS show didn't show this.  Matt thinks every week Shelly is about to get busted for her lies but she never seems to.

8.  This week was hard for Matt and Jun to watch, from a game perspective.

9.  Dick loves the footage of Rachel jogging around the backyard and falling at Jeff's feet.  They played it a least four times this week.

9.  A lot of sport was made of the fact that dumbass Lawon was evicted in a Yale sweatshirt.  He bought it at a thrift store.  The BB houseguests are allowed to wear collegiate wear, but they can't wear any professional sports clothes.  Marcellas gets mentioned again as losing the dumbass crown to Lawon.  Shannon texts him to let him know he is being discussed.  Dick met Marcellas at one of Shannon's pet charity events.

10.  Shannon reports that she texted Marcelas "are you watching Big Brother?" and he texted back "No, but I'm getting inundated with texts about Lawon".

11.  I don't believe Marcellas isn't watching Big Brother this season.  I call bullshit.

12.  The show tonight featured Ragan and Matt commenting about Rachel.  Dick joked that Rachel's family wouldn't appear so they did.  Matt explained that they taped that segment "a long time ago" and that "they went back and did some more with Ragan".  Matt only appeared for a second and said they ended up showing Rachel hiding in the bushes instead of his footage.

13. They made more gay jokes about Matt and Ragan. Matt "joked" that "Ragan is the bottom and I just do my thing".  (The thought of anyone having sex with Ragan turns my stomach.  ***gross***)

14.  Dick can't have Ragan on the show because he is under contract with Superpass.  Dick got screwed over by Superpass and sued them, so none of their people can be on RTVZone.  Matt jokes that there is a restraining order on Dick.  Dick says that people ask him which season of BB Missy was on and Dick attacked her weight.  James defended her, which is nice.  So did Jun.

15.  Dick says Missy is like Gretchen hosting Housecalls---nobody gave a shit about that show and Gretchen because she wasn't on the show.

16.  It's funny to see the backdrop of each panelist's home.  For example, Dick's background has a fringed window valence and some little wrought iron candles mounted on the wall.  (I think he needs to promote his website in the background.)   I think James must be at a furnished rental apartment or at his parents' house, based on the accessories and furniture.  Shannon looks like she's in a basement somewhere or in a college dorm room.  And a very tacky basement or college dorm room at that.  Jun's walls are a pretty yellow color and it does look like she decorated it herself.  Matt is in the same space we've seen him before, maybe a home office or something, but now he has a cool bat framed with its wings extended.  It might be real but even if it's not it is cool and fits Matt's Halloween obsession.  He also has a guitar resting in the corner.

17.  Dick thinks Rachel is going to go through some serious withdrawals after CBS is done with her---she is addicted to the attention.  Jun doesn't think she will ever get a real job again.  James says there is always VH1 to fall back on.  Matt says that she is different outside the game.  He has spent a day with Brenchal inside the house and also outside and they're pretty normal.  They have the same fights that old people do.

18. Matt has been on Jerry Springer three times.  (!?)

19.  James had to "bounce" early.  He did this on another show as well.  I think he must be bartending and his shift must start at 10:00 or something.

20.  Oh snap.  Shannon had never heard about Brendon's skype incident, so Jun and Evel Dick explained it to her.  You know, that a man posed as a woman and got him to jack off online and she/he taped it and released it.  Then he mentioned that the same man did the same thing to James Rhine!  Ha ha ha.  We have a definite confirmation on that.  (I saw the picture and thought it was James.....)

21.  Dick points out that the skype incident demonstrates just how fucking crazy people on the internet are.  (ha ha ha)

22.  They are making fun of the video mailbag people again.   But some of them deserve it.

23.  **I think the following is a scoop.  At least it is for me.***

24.  They talked about Jeff and Jordan.  Matt asked if they are "all Brady all the time" in the house, i.e. do they not hook up.  Jun confirms this and says it is cute, but since they are both so attractive, she doesn't know how they don't do it.  Matt says Jeff is the Alpha Dog---he's got to want it in there.   Evel Dick says that he "thinks they are both moving to L.A. after the show" and that he thinks "it will be a little much for Jordan".  Shannon disagrees and says Jeff has a lot of friends out there. (true)  Jordan will have to acclimate with all of the people that Jeff knows out there, and that is going to be hard for Jordan.

PS  Dick did a show with a bunch of Survivor contestants.  I love to watch Survivor, but I had a hard time watching the Dick at Night episode and thus will not recap it. Sorry all you Lex and Sandra fans.

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