Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Deja Vu

When I left the feeds earlier today, Jeff was talking on the patio and slop was frying on the stove.

My dog was very ill today, so I took her to the vet, yadda yadda yadda $300 later I come home and the same thing is happening.   Shelly is making slop cakes for Lawon and Jeff is on the patio, talking. Dani is laying out too.

That slop really looks like dog food.  My dog's food actually looks a lot better than that.  I guess the maple syrup and confectioner's sugar make a big difference.

Jeff told Lawon that he had never watched Big Brother until he was one of the finalists for Season 11.  Then he started watching episodes on You Tube and watched a season or two once he was locked in sequester.  It was kind of nice for him because there were a lot of surprises since he had not been a fan.

Lawon made it sound like he was just a casual viewer of the show.  He told Shelly a little while ago that he thinks the game is getting too personal.

Jeff asked Dani if he could go listen to a few of her jams and she said yes.  I don't know what Dani's CD is--anybody know?  Jeff is off camera now.

Dani asked Porsche if she thinks Brendon will have a really mean speech directed at her on Thursday night.

Now we see Jeff pulling on a yellow tank top for his trip upstairs, I guess.  I haven't seen Jordan at all today.

Jeff announcing to kitchen:  Jeff's going to take a little vacation now and listen to some jams.

Kalia is up there and Jeff tells her he is going to take a little vacation.

Kalia:  It's a good one....20 songs..

Meanwhile outside Dani asks Porsche what made her try out for the show---did she have to go to an open call?

Porsche:  No....I had to audition, but I didn't have to go to an open call.

BB interrupts this discussion.  When we come back Porsche is saying that "a little birdie told me that I could make some money...."

Dani thinks it is funny that some people try out over and over, and others make it the first time.

(She and her dad were originally supposed to be on Season 6 as a pair.)

Now we see Jeff with the headphones on, talking a break.

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