Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daniele Eviction Q & A

CatDraper112: What part of the game do you think was the best experience of this season?.S.- You rock!!
Thanks! I love playing this game. Overall, the friendships I made.

MackenzieZita: How is it going to be sharing a house with Jeff and Brendon? Sounds like funn!!

LoveeTheLiz: Do you think you will be able to have any friendships with any of your BB castmates outside of the house?
There are only a few people I won’t be friends with. I have made genuine friendships.

lilyyangg: If you and Jeff had worked together do you think you wouldve taken out the floaters who all don't deserve to be there?
I tried to work with Jeff but this is where it got me. I would say all of the floaters don’t deserve to be there.   

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