Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dani Talks About Porsche's Eating Habits

Dani:  Porsche ate 12 friggin' eggs yesterday!  Twelve!  And friggin' Kalia had five!

Shelly:  Twelve?

Dani:  I'm like, what is she...Brendon?

Shelly, dropping her voice:  Well, the thing is she's hungry all the time.

Dani:  She eats all the time!

(I was watching Dani and Kalia much on two containers of Sabra hummus in the HOH room one night last week and when Dani saw Porsche coming up the stairs to the HOH she told Kalia to hurry and hide it because Porsche would eat it all!)

Shelly is surprised no one "has yakked" on TV yet.  She can't believe Dani is eating slop without brown sugar.

Rachel is up, too, so the conversation in the kitchen got quiet.  Porsche just got called to the DR.

Rachel asks if they can have coconut milk.  Dani has no idea.

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