Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dani Snubs Big Jeff

Dani chats with Porsche in the sun for a few minutes, and then declares that she is bored and restless and is going to go inside for a minute.

Porsche, always looking for her next meal:  Are you going to make egg salad?

Dani:  No, I'm just getting more water.

Kalia came outside to lay out right as Daniele went inside, so in the interest of good reporting I am bringing that for you too.

The cameras moved away fast after that shot.  Her butt doesn't look too bad, though.  I've seen worse right there in the back yard.

So Dani goes into the kitchen to get her water.  Wouldn't you know that right then Big Jeff appears from the HOH room and goes into the kitchen.

As you can see they are standing right next to each other and no words are said.  There is a fair amount of tension.  Dani makes quite a point of getting the hell out of the kitchen without speaking to Jeff, and even slams the sliding door on her way out as best she can.  It's hard to slam a sliding door.  (By the way, how hot is her ass in that picture?)

After she leaves there was a moment of silence.

Shelly:  Awkward!

Jeff agrees and then goes off on a mini-morning rant about how he's over her.  Everybody gets nominated, and he was going to be backdoored, too, and he got over it.  He doesn't need all of the slamming doors and sighing.  He doesn't appreciate Dani telling everyone that Jeff promised not to backdoor her.  Jeff assures Shelly that he never said that, and goes into the DR time and time again to say that he couldn't wait to stick the knife in her back.  Shelly adds that she goes outside and says Hi to Shelly and ignores Rachel who is sitting right there.  Jeff thinks her attitude is ridiculous.

You can kind of get a glimpse of Jeff as a dad--I think he will be the kind who won't put up with any shit from his kids.  You know, one of the good ones.

(That is Jeff stabbing Daniele in the back in the picture above.)  Jeff has a habit of opening the refrigerator and staring.  He says he does it at home, too.

I like this picture because his publicity shot (and Jordan's) are right next to him.

This morning's wake up songs were by Metallica, Iron Maiden, and the Black Keys.  Jeff told Shelly that he had a hat that he wore all of the time during BB11 and for some reason he lost it.  He couldn't find it in the stores so he called the company to find out where to get one.  The guy he spoke with said he knew who Jeff was, and saw him wear the hat on the show.  He said that a lot of people had called to order that hat because Jeff wore it.  Jeff ended up getting a box of hats and other stuff from the guy.

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