Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dani Knows the Internet is Abuzz

about that 'incident' with Rachel.

Dani:  There are places on the internet where you can go and it will tell you "look at this time on the feeds" so you can see what happened!

Kalia can't wait to win HOH and make Rachel's life a living hell.  Dani's face is hot and she wants a glass of wine.  She is very upset about what happened.

Jordan is packing her bags downstairs while Jeff lays nearby.   Jordan is worried that something will happen and she will be shocked.

Kalia is a non-stop wall of babble.

Dani, about Brenchal:  Of course they are the best big brother players of all time!  They've told me so!

Kalia:  She like, barely made the jury last year!

Downstairs, Jeff is laying face down on the bed in Candy Land.

Jordan:  Whats up love?

Jeff:  Nothing... I just don't like all this packing....

The camera changes to outside, where Shelly is smoking and talking about how long her hair used to be.

Kalia looks like a large bumblebee in her ensemble today.

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