Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dani Guesses the Twist

She brought up the possibility that whoever is evicted could go up against one of the evicted houseguests to see who comes back in the house.

Adam ponders that, and Dani wonders if Julie will say anything further to them before the eviction.  She wants to come up with some sort of signal they can come up with to let each other know how to vote.

Adam jokes a lot about farting with a certain leg, but also mentions taking off his glasses or something.  Dani thinks that if America has anything to do with it, Rachel will not come back in.

Adam makes the case that if he were up against Rachel in a competition, she would be tough to beat, but beating Lawon should be easy.

Here's My Guess at How it Will Go Down:  The houseguests will vote to evict (Lawon) but before the evicted houseguest walks out the door, the doorbell rings, and whoever America voted for comes walking back in the house.

Or maybe they are already in the backyard, in position to face off against the evictee (Lawon).

Having the doorbell ring is a very powerful moment, though.  There is sure to be a lot of cursing that will need to be bleeped.

I really don't want to be stuck with Lawon in the house too much longer.  He is extremely boring on the feeds.

Ha ha ha Dani just said "we're obviously not having a halfway party this week".

Adam says that previously they announce everyone is on the jury during the halfway party.

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