Friday, August 5, 2011

Coconuts and Catfish

is what America voted for.

This strikes me as a pretty good addition to slop and protein shakes, but Jordan hates both.

Jordan has changed out of her blue dress and is laying with Jeff, saying she will go into the DR in 20 minutes, like she said she would.

Jeff says Rachel is in there now and we get TRIVIA for a minute.

Meanwhile Shelly is in the HOH making a Final Four deal with Kalia.  This includes Dani and Lawon, because "it will be so easy to beat him".

Shelly tried to get Kalia to admit that her family has money.  Kalia said that her "mother does well" but she has a lot of debt and problems with her credit.  The feeds change after that is said.

Adam comes in to discuss the competition with Jeff and Jordan.  Sounds like Jordan had to drink "the chunky part".

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