Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Case Against Jeff and Jordan Continues

Brendon and Rachel continue to fill Shelly's head with doubt about keeping Jordan.

Brendon:  Jeff told Jordan to keep telling people that they only want to make it to jury...he tells her to say that...

Shelly:  Is that true?  Are you positive?

Brendon:  Well, that is part of the motivation, but Jeff wants to win the half million dollars.  Jeff has been working for CBS for the past two years.....and if you knew what he made, you wouldn't believe it..

Shelly:  It's none of my business...

Brendon:  But it's not's not much...he needs the half million.  That's why he gets so angry...

Rachel:  Jeff told Jordan that they can't talk about getting married until he is set...until they have the money....

Meanwhile Jordan is up and about and looks like she is going to change and maybe go outside.

Brendon is methodically going through the facts over and over with Shelly.  Rachel comes in when she needs to, but is letting Brendon do all of the heavy lifting.

Rachel:  When Jordan went up on the block, she knew she was going up on the block.  She put on makeup!

Jordan comes out and everyone greets her sweetly.  She tells a story about Brendon waking her up and farting on her.

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