Monday, August 1, 2011

Brendon Oils Up and Shaves his Chest

Sounds like he and Rachel are planning for him to stay this week....Jordan had better watch out.  They are going to start studying for the HOH competition later today.

FYI Brendon pronounces his last name Vil-ay-gus.

In other news, BB has told them they can't sing the Cruddy the Creepy Elf song anymore.  They speculate that in the last 24 hours, a fan may have copywrited it, but Brendon actually stole the melody from another song.  Something from SNL, I think.

Also, Kalia was just discussing Carrot Top, and telling a story about how someone who worked in a performance space said Carrot Top had just played there, and how he was all drugged out.

Not surprisingly, BB doesn't like this and cuts the feeds.

Dani reports that Joseph Gordon Levitt is one of her all time crushes.

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