Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Brendon Does Damage Control

When we come back from break, Brendon goes outside and approaches Shelly, kneeling down next to her.  Brendon said that Rachel was wrong, and came on like a truck.  It's a fast conversation and is over in about 15 seconds.

Brendon goes back inside and Porsche goes over to hug Shelly. Shelly's okay.

Kalia is there somewhere because she is babbling nonstop that it was a last ditch effort to stay, they're frustrated, etc.

Shelly says that she didn't talk to Rachel at all about it---Rachel was just sitting there listening to Shelly talk about what Dani did, got up and went inside, and then all of that happened.  When Shelly saw Brendon come back outside just now, she thought she was going to throw up---she didn't know what was about to happen.

Jeff and Jordan talked quietly in the bedroom about what to do.  Jeff went in the living room where Brendon is sitting alone---I guess Rachel is in the DR.

Jeff:  Look.  I know you're trying to get votes...but don't do it the wrong way.  You're going to tarnish yourself in the game and blow up...

Oh shit must be going down in there.

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