Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brendon Ate a Lot

in sequester.  He got to eat the whole time---his handler had been told that he eats a lot.  There was a pool, but he couldn't work out.  He just ran around the pool over and over.

He watched a few movies, started watching Spaceballs but didn't finish it.  There were two people "in there with him, looking out for him".  They watched four seasons of Nip/Tuck.

He took Jeff's black underwear by mistake but he threw them away--he thought they were Dominic's.

Jeff:  Really, you threw them away?

Brendon:  Yes, this morning. Sorry.

Brendon really liked the goodbye messages.  Jordan says he is lucky to have had a week off to decompress.

Brendon:  I was saying in sequester about Lawon, I don't even feel like I knew him.  I said to the camera one day, someone out there should start a calender and note every time you ask Lawon a question and he just laughs!  I don't know anything about him!

Brendon got to talk to Dom and Cassi.

Brendon:  I told him that his girlfriend missed him! (Dani)

The evicted houseguests were blindfolded and led to the stage.  They were all surprised to see Brendon and he tells them the questions that Julie asked him.  Brendon didn't know that he would be coming back into the house tonight---he just thought he would see Rachel one more time and see that she is okay.

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