Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Brendon and Rachel Make a Move

While Jordan sleeps, Brendon and Rachel are making the case to Shelly why she should keep Brendon on Thursday, and send Jordan home.

Some of their points:

1.  Yes, Jeff will be mad.  He has a bad temper, but he will get over it.  Look how mad he was at Daniele, and now he made a deal with her and they are BFFs again.

2.  No one would beat Jordan in the end.  No one.

3.  No one will go after Jordan after this--she will make it all the way to Final Two and she will win.

4.  Shelly can work with Rachel, Brendon and Jeff which is a powerful group.

5.  Dani will continue to win and Shelly will need help to beat her.

6.  Dani has been preparing for this for four years and is ready to win.

7.  Jeff and Jordan aren't even campaigning, because they are too confident that they have a deal.

8.  Jeff doesn't like many of the houseguests.  They repeat what Jeff has said about Porsche (she is stupid, he doesn't listen when she babbles, etc) and stress that he hates Kalia.

9.  The biggest game changer right now would be to evict Jordan and protect Brendon.

10.  Jeff won't protect them after Brendon is gone.

Shelly is kind of agreeing with them.  Hard to say if she will work with them---she came into the house hating Brenchal and unconditionally loving Jeff and Jordan.  She worries what her family will think if she makes the wrong choice.

Brendon:  You're going to be in the jury, Shelly.  Your objective should be to get as far as you can in this game.  Would Jeff and Jordan take you to final three?

Shelly:  I know with either couple, you will take each other to the Final Two, and I'm okay with that.  My concern is, I don't think I can get past her (Jordan).


Meanwhile Dani is listening to her CD.  A reader tells me it is Third Eye Blind.  If that is the Semi-Charmed Life CD, that is a good collection of tunes, but damn that dates back to 1997!  I would think Dani would have more hip, current music taste, but whatever.

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