Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Breathing Hard in the Backyard

Rachel has been on the elliptical machine for quite some time now.  It makes a little squeak-squeak sound that is strangely comforting.  Adam did his workout in the backyard, using weights, doing lunges, etc.  He was breathing hard, but was persistent.

Shelly laid in the hammock and encouraged him occasionally.  Dani, of all people, is up and moving around.

Adam finished his workout and sat on the couch to enjoy a cigarette.  He is glad he isn't at work today---they have a weekly production meeting that I think he said was held every Thursday morning at 10:00.  (But today is Wednesday, so I think he has his days wrong.  Unless I do?)

Shelly asks him questions about his daily schedule.  He has a lot of different activities, like Dart League and he has discussed hosting Trivia Night at a bar every week.  He always stays in on Thursday nights to watch Big Brother and Survivor, before they moved it to Wednesday nights.

Dani is in the kitchen and broke something, kneeling down to pick up the pieces.

Adam goes in the house and tells her not to cry over spilled milk.  I think the wake up music must be playing now.

Nope, I think it must have been Big Brother giving Dani instructions to clean because we came right back.  Rachel finishes her work out, goes in the house and we get interrupted again.

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