Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Big Picture

Here is the big picture regarding what is going on since the POV competition.

Jeff and Jordan celebrated his win by laying in the Padded Cell and chatting.  Jeff is planning to go upstairs and talk to Kalia.  Jordan doesn't want to go with him, because if Kalia tells Jordan she is going up as a pawn then she will get angry again and that isn't good for her social game.

(Kalia IS NOT putting Jordan up as a pawn--she is leaning towards Shelly.  If she puts Porsche up, Porsche may go home, which would be some big drama.)

Jeff repeats again what he told Kalia yesterday, that he would win the POV, blah blah blah.  Jordan says he is probably going to get mad and start wagging his finger at Kalia.  Jeff didn't know what Jordan was talking about, so Jordan demonstrated it.

This caused a lot of giggling as they both did wagged their fingers.  Jordan also told Jeff about the face he makes when he's starting to get mad.  Jeff is acting like he's mad now, but he's not.  Jordan is joyful as she tells him all of this, and he loves to see her happy.  He wasn't even aware of what happens when he gets mad, but he realizes that he probably wagged his finger at Kalia yesterday.

Jeff:  Well, thanks for not listening to me when I'm mad---for just looking at me instead!

Rachel came in from her DR session and says it was a good one.  Jeff tries to pump her up by saying that if she leaves, she can come back in the house like she did last year----"I'm back bitches!" and then immediately win the HOH competition.

They discuss how Porsche will leave the house if she is put up.  (I heard Dani guarantee Porsche's safety this week, but I guess that doesn't mean that Kalia won't put her up.)

Big Chef Jeff cooked up some fried catfish that indeed looks yummy.  He used a flake coconut coating and Shelly can't wait to try some.

Jeff is already sore from the competition.  It sounds like the hot chocolate competition from BB11--they had to run back and forth for about 2 hours to fill something up and if they dropped a ball they had to start over.

He realizes that the elliptical machine isn't keeping him in good running shape, and says he never smokes cigarettes at home like he does in the BB house.  His lungs are burning.  He thinks Brendon would have killed the competition today since he is a runner and has such long arms.

The back door isn't open yet, and Shelly and Adam are both dying to smoke.  Literally, they are.

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