Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Brother Should Tell the Have Nots

about tonight's party, but I guess that would ruin the surprise.

Jeff was just talking about how his stomach is really bothering him---all he's had since Friday is catfish and coffee and it is getting to him.

Lawon:  Have to take the kids to the pool today?

Jeff:  I took the kids to the pool 5 times today---they were all over the pool!

Lawon laughs at that.  He says that Jeff has lost weight and mentioned an incident where Jeff was getting out of the pool and his shorts almost fell off.

I guess Lawon noticed that, too.

Rachel finished her Pilates and went into the bathroom, where Jordan is doing her hair.  She asked if Jordan wanted any catfish.

Jordan:  No, no thanks.  I'm starvin' myself right now.  I'm kind of grossed out...

Rachel: Me too.

Rachel went into the kitchen and stared at the inside of the fridge like she was looking for ideas.  I guess she couldn't come up with any good ones because she ended up frying some catfish fillets, and doused them with every kind of sauce she could find.  The house is out of hot sauce, so Adam recommends that she use red pepper flakes instead.

I'm sure Rachel would skip this meal if she knew the good stuff that will be coming later.  It is probably pizza and a birthday-type cake with their pictures on it.

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