Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Brother After Dark 8-29-11

This episode aired last night.  I'm not really sure why I am watching it now.  I intended to watch a few minutes but Missy stopped by and yadda yadda yadda I'm riveted.

Rachel and Porsche decide to do some baking.  They used the side of the Gold Medal flour bag to find dough recipes.  Rachel compared that to a recipe on the side of the private label sugar bag, and decided to make homemade cinnamon rolls.  They also decided to make sugar cookies with M & M's in them.  Kind of random, but why not cook to fill time?

I am kind of a foodie who used to bake a lot, so I was cringing while I watched Rachel put the dough together.  She thought kneading the dough meant to push and poke it while spreading it all out.  And she improvised the filling recipe that got rolled up inside the dough. Waaaayyyyyy too much butter.

Rachel and Porsche gossiped about Shelly while they baked.  Rachel had a list of reasons why she thinks Shelly has a lot of money.  For example, Shelly said they used to own a 5,000 square foot house in Minnesota that "a gay couple bought from them for a lot of money", her daughter goes to private school, Josie has a trapeze or trampoline or some shit in her room, etc.  They also remember that Shelly said she had her own company that she sold to a bigger company, and she is always traveling to China.

Rachel:  And then I thought maybe they used to have money, and got laid off or something from the economy.  But why wouldn't she tell us that in this game?  I would talk about that for sure.

Jordan came in for a baking update---she's not really into cooking.  She looked in the freezer to get a snack and found some sort of frozen Minute Maid fruit pop and said "Oh---that's from Jeff!"  She grabbed it and started opening it immediately.

(I think that was from Jeff's HOH room.)

Rachel:  Oh, do you miss him so much?

Jordan:  Yes. .....I think I would have been better if I knew a week ahead of time.

Rachel:  No, I think that could make it worse.

They started talking about how much fun Brendon and Jeff must be having in the Jury House.  Rachel goes on and on about their bromance and how much they love each other.

Rachel:  They're like, best friends and they even dress alike!

Shelly:  Yeah, they look like they belong together..

(Rachel really, really wants to be BFFs with Jeff and Jordan after the show is over. She is obviously thrilled to have friends this season.  She really did have no one at all except Brendon last year.)

Jordan talked to Kalia on the patio about what to expect in the next weeks.  She breaks the bad news that if Kalia wins, she probably won't get to go out or have sex after the finale.  Jordan whispers that this is because "she will have a bodyguard" with her.

Kalia's aunt watches the live feeds.  After the first few interviews, Kalia couldn't tell her any information, but her aunt said "you have to let me know so I can get the special on the live feeds"  (ha ha ha) and then when everything was final she called me saying "oh my god I got the live feeds and everyone at work is going to watch and vote".

One of Kalia's sisters watches Big Brother, too, and her mom planned to start watching as well.  Ha ha After the end of Big Brother All Stars her aunt called and left her a voicemail saying "I can't believe Mike Boogie won!  Did you hear what he said?", and Kalia hadn't had a chance to watch the finale yet and was mad.

Jordan and Rachel get called to the DR for a Duo session.  Jordan was caught by surprise and hadn't done her makeup, particularly when compared to a fully made up Rachel, but I guess they went in there anyway.

Adam is talking about how he lays on the couch and watches Showtime Big Brother After Dark on the DVR.

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