Sunday, August 28, 2011

Big Brother After Dark 8-26-11

I turn my back for one minute and my DVR is suddenly clogged with hour and hours of nightly Big Brother After Dark episodes.

I speed-watched the episode from 8-26-11, which was the night of the last live show, featuring the double-eviction of Daniele Donato and Jeff Schroeder.  In this episode, the 2nd HOH competition had just been played, with Porsche Briggs winning.  We did not see this competition on the live feeds---it will air on Sunday night's CBS episode.

When the episode started, Jordan and Rachel were packing up Jeff's toiletries from the bathroom and getting everything together for delivery to Jeff tonight.  I think Jordan put Jeff's hidden bottle of HOH wine in there.  As much as she and Rachel wanted to drown their sorrows with it, I think she knew that Jeff might need it more.  And it is okay for Jeff to have a hangover---he has no competitions to play in.

Adam cleaned out the refrigerator and organized their food supplies.  For example, he consolidated three open boxes of Triscuits.

Shelly complained to Adam about Jeff smoking all of her cigarettes---she thinks he smoked about three cartons of them while he was there.  (Whose fault is that, Shelly?)

Porsche is very into her sudden barrage of accomplishments in the game.  She asks Adam if anybody has ever won both the POV and the HOH during a live double-eviction episode.  He can't recall right offhand, but he says they probably have.

While waiting for her HOH room, Porsche told Shelly that she wanted to come out in her bikini to say "Who wants to see my HOH Room?".  (She is so calculating when it comes to her perceived TV exposure...)  Shelly kind of laughed and told her to have fun with it---she deserves it.

(At this point, I have heard Shelly bad mouth and smack talk every single houseguest behind their back, so who knows what she is thinking now.  I'm sure her martyr complex is in full swing.)

When the time finally came for the HOH room reveal, Porsche indeed had on a green bikini under her pink velour sweatsuit.  She unzipped the pink velour hoodie and let it hang open while she posed with the key.  Then she stood at the bottom of the spiral staircase to zip her jacket back up before heading upstairs.

(I wonder how much of that we will see on Sunday night's episode?)

Porsche got pictures of her brothers (younger brother named Austin), as well as one of her best friend Nicole at prom with her.  She got a T-shirt that says "Hi Dad".  Porsche had that T-shirt made before she came in the house while her brothers bought Team Porsche shirts.  She also got some athletic shoes (Reeboks) that she is confused by---why did Big Brother give her that?  She also got footie socks which she questions.  (Maybe BB is hinting that Porsche should start working out?)

She got Cup of Soup, which she apparently loves, as well as Jello, Captain Crunch and bags of beef jerkey.  (Chemicals, anyone?)

After she shows everyone her beef jerkey, Kalia said, "Good, you can fart up here all night by yourself!"

Her HOH letter was from her brother, and it was about standard as far as HOH letters go.  She got a Ped Egg and the Breath Right strips that she didn't want, so she offers them to Adam.  She got some good "hard cheeses" that she wanted in her HOH fridge, as well as a Rhianna CD that she says is "okay".

During the entire time Rachel and Jordan sat in the HOH room, watching silently, keeping their misery to themselves.  Rachel is wearing Brendon's blue UCLA knit cap, which contrasts with her black sparkley evening top and furry boots.

When we come back from a break (Showtime has channel promotions every 20 minutes or so.) Jordan is sitting at the kitchen counter trying to eat, crying and telling Rachel she wants to talk to her grandparents, that this is going to be the longest week ever.  She just wants to be home in her bed.

Rachel points out that her boyfriend just left and that is tough.

Rachel:  My fiance left.  And your boyfriend.  And those aren't guys that we just met like PT!

Jordan didn't want to cry on TV and is very upset by her conduct during the live show and the major episode she had afterwards.

Rachel tries to cheer her by telling her what will happen in the Jury House when Brendon sees Jeff.

Rachel:  Brendon will say, what are you doin' here?  (in the weird voice)  Jeff will say, "I got got" and Brendon will say "I got got too!".  And they are like best friends and they will get drunk every night and rank on Daniele and it will be awesome.

Even in tears Jordan rinses and cleans her cereal bowl, sobbing while she rinses it out.  She is wearing her leopard slippers.

Kalia and Porsche lounged in the HOH, talking about the events of the night.

Kalia:  Jeff is gone!!  He is gone!

Kalia thinks she heard the audience groan when she evicted Jeff.  Porsche says that the audience was happy when it happened---she repeats a few times how happy the audience was that Jeff was evicted.

Porsche:  They were like, yes, you did something!

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