Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Brother After Dark 8-24-11

I had insomnia last night so I watched a few hours of Big Brother After Dark on Showtime last night.  I usually don't watch it live---typically I DVR it and catch up on a few shows at once, but I couldn't sleep and tuned in.

A large device appeared in the backyard yesterday.  We can only assume that it is related to one of the competitions that will be held on tonight's live show.  (Since it is a double eviction we will see the first eviction, then a live HOH competition, nominations, a live POV competition, and the second eviction.  The second HOH competition will play out off-camera and we will probably know the results on Friday.)

It is a long piece of plywood shaped like a snake.  When I say long, it is probably at least 10 feet long.  It is about a foot wide and very windy.  It is mounted on some metal beams about 4 or 5 feet off the ground.  The objective was to balance a ball on the wood, and roll it all of the way to the end, where there was a small hole to catch it.

One of the competitions is sure to have this sort of skill.  The skill competitions typically give everyone a chance to win, since they are not based on brute strength.   The snake-shaped contraption is not the actual game, though.  While the houseguests used it, the camera would often catch the underside of the plywood, which showed a black line spray painted on the wood to indicate how the carpenter was to cut the wood.  It looked pretty homemade and would certainly be more gussied up for the live show.

(I wish I knew how to use a jigsaw.  How great would it be to just design something and whip it up?)

All of the houseguests were practicing with it, although I did not see Jeff or Dani using it.  (A big mistake on Jeff's part, since it could be a competition that he will play in, for the live POV.)  They may have tried it, but not when I was watching.

Jordan was very good at the contraption, and got three balls in a row at one point.  She appeared very calm and her experience with being on the live shows may help her during the competition.  It is generally recognized in the house that the skill competitions are the ones where Jordan has the best chance of winning.

Porsche was pretty good at it, and was kind of cocky about it.  Adam practiced for hours.  Rachel did too, and seemed to be in a sort of Stepford Rachel mode.  Rather calm, and trying to contain herself.

I saw Shelly try it twice, and she did shitty both times and made a big deal out of it.  (Shelly's ass is in trouble right now, so she'd better work a little harder.)  I saw her in the kitchen making a big deal about not wanting to practice in front of people, and hear all of the snide comments when she misses.  I think she was talking about Rachel, which is ironic since we all saw her confront Rachel this week about all of the smack-talking behind her back.  (Shelly is the WORST at the smack-talking behind people's backs.)

Dani is planning her speech for tomorrow night.  She told Porsche that "she is going to try to be nice, but she wants to beat Dom's speech".  She thinks that Porsche will like the second half of her speech.  She is very bitter about Jeff now, and seems to want to draw a huge target on his back.

When I watched, the Have Nots were just hours away from being able to eat.  It looked like Dani took bags of Pepperidge Farm cookies out of the kitchen cabinets and took them in the Have Not room.  Maybe they were leftover from her HOH basket.....

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