Saturday, August 13, 2011

Big Brother After Dark 8-13-11

The POV competition is ongoing ---a few hours now.

I've had last night's Big Brother After Dark show on in the background for awhile.  Shelly and Adam had already been nominated.

There was considerable discussion and drama over the beds situation.  Brendon and Rachel were trying to find a double bed to sleep in, after sleeping in a single the night before (I think.).  Porsche didn't want to leave her bed to share with Kalia, and that was an issue.

Shelly spent hours sitting outside, smoking, wrapped in a blanket.  She was very weepy with Jeff and Jordan, and has mentioned walking out of the game several times so she doesn't have to "play the game with people like her" (Rachel).

As far as Rachel goes, the news from Julie Chen that two million people voted in last week's America's Choice has her brain spinning and calculating.  She figures that at least one "million people voted for Brendon.

(Earlier today, she asked the viewers who voted to buy them wedding presents on the Crate & Barrel website.)

I'm sure she's thinking all is forgiven do to this, and she wants to cash in.

Rachel:  Oh, I can't wait to see Lawon's bachelor party dance on TV---it was probably the lead in to the show!

Porsche:  Really?  What about me?

Rachel:  Oh, your dance was there, too!  I guarantee the footage opened the show!

(ha ha ha ha ha As previously reported, the only place the bachelor party and wedding footage aired was on Showtime.  Nothing was seen or mentioned on CBS.)

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