Friday, August 5, 2011

As Usual, Shelly Has the House to Herself

this morning.  She is pacing around and appears deep in thought.

They must be on an indoor lockdown, because otherwise she would be outside on the couch, sparking it up.  I think she is not only pacing off a nicotine fit, but is looking around for anything missing or out of place, based on all the commotion yesterday.

(I think Dani has been hiding things for a week or so.)

Jeff is in the Have Not room with Jordan and Lawon.  Only because he wanted to be, though.

Today should be the Have Not competition.  I think the houseguests think it will be a group challenge to win food for the house.  Dani told the Newbies how much fun those games are, since everyone is working together.

But based on that poll that CBS wanted us to respond to (with the food choices), I think this week will feature a traditional Have Not contest.

Kalia will be eating, however.  Know that!  Her HOH CD is Adele.  She didn't think BB would give her that since she will sing along with it, but they did.

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