Saturday, August 20, 2011

Apparently Dani's Birthday is Really BirthdayS

because today is the actual day, not yesterday.

Seriously, how childish is she?  People are supposed to celebrate for days surrounding the actual day?  Like a 3rd grader?

Kalia and Porsche are talking in the Have Not room about today's POV competition.  They already picked players and Rachel doesn't get to play---she is the hostess.

Kalia hasn't heard a lot of banging outside, so she doesn't think the competition will be physical.  She thinks they have a chance.

Dani knows the POV is crucial to her, so she's up and at'em in the kitchen making some sort of Have Not breakfast.  She is telling Shelly that Adam told her that he "flicks his crusty boogers on the floor".

Shelly is repulsed and is glad she doesn't walk barefoot in the house.

Dani gossips about how upset Rachel is that she doesn't get to play today.  (Jeff and Jordan said they wished Rachel could play, since she's like a caged animal.  Ha ha.)

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