Saturday, August 27, 2011

Also...About Pandora's Box

I forgot to mention yesterday that Porsche said the prize she won was $5,000 and a bottle of champagne was there with two glasses.

I think Porsche was thinking that someone would come in the house to drink the champagne with her.  She was thinking it might be her father, but apparently he didn't sign the confidentiality release beforehand, so that might be unlikely.

I don't think we will know if this really happened until Sunday night's show.  Remember that Natalie said her fiance came in the house and proposed to her with the ring made out of garbage Twisty-Tie?  I would have bet my life that she was lying, but that turned out to be true!

So, what the fuck do I know?

Right now Shelly, Porsche and Kalia are having a powwow in the HOH.  They say that the only thing keeping Rachel in check right now is Jordan, and she has been babysitting her for a long, long time.

Rachel visited the HOH earlier to make nice with Porsche but Porsche mocked her with Kalia when she left. Porsche admitted that she was the one who hid Colonel Quackers and says she will be on the look out for Rachel's puppy dog, which Shelly supposedly hid.

Kalia is very tired.  Porsche is angry that she got called to the DR and she hasn't even brushed her teeth yet.

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