Saturday, August 13, 2011

Also, About the Cigarettes

I do think that Jeff is bumming all of those cigarettes he's been smoking.

I was watching BBAD and saw Shelly offer him one from her pack.

Jeff:  I'm going to have to patch-up when I get out of here.  I never smoke this many cigarettes!  And they're not even mine!

Shelly pointed out that Cassi was smoking like a chimney when she was here.

Shelly:  I would have run out if Cassi was still here!

Jeff:  And she said she doesn't really smoke outside of the house!

(C'mon, it's part of the model diet.)

Shelly:  I was going through two packs a day in here when she was here!

Shelly also mentioned that Porsche started smoking cigarettes this week....

So it sounds like everyone is bumming cigs from Shelly.  I guess Evel Dick and Adam are the only other houseguests who copped to their habit and brought their own in the BB13 house.

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