Friday, August 26, 2011

Allison Grodner Tweets

Alison Grodner tweeted some info just before the live show last night.  Sounds like there was a huge fight just before the live show.  I will go back and watch the Flashbacks, but I doubt they showed very much of it on the live feeds.

Good TV on Sunday night Alison?

Needless to say, Alison is getting numerous tweets from disappointed fans asking for a Diamond POV or some other shot in the dark to restore their favorite players to the game.  Or to get rid of their least favorite players....whatever.

Allison can't make everyone happy, but she does need to continue to deliver ratings for the network.  For the last two weeks, all three Big Brother 13 episodes have been in the Top Ten prime time ratings.

I'm betting they can prod Rachel into making some waves this week, while they still can.  Porsche has already announced that she would gladly open Pandora's Box since she is now "bored".  Maybe Pandora will have Porsche trade places with someone on the Jury.

I know that would never happen.  But trust that the Powers That Be are brainstorming how to wrap this all up with a bang.

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