Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adam's Top Weight was 330

When he says this both Jordan and Lawon said "Wooooo!"

Lawon's weakness is pizza.

Adam:  Boy...me too.  I used to go to Pizza Hut, the lunch buffet with my buddies and they would get salad and pizza. But I would go for the pizza.  All the pizza--every kind.  And the cinnamon sticks!

Adam gave up soda first, and just drank water.  Then he stopped eating pizza.  Even just two slices are bad for you.  There is a pizza place he can walk to from his house that just started serving whole wheat pizza, so he will have some of that.

Lawon:  Pizza and beer were my problem....it's a lifestyle change.  You can't just lose the weight and stop.

(Lawon said in his preseason interview that he has lost a lot of weight.  You can read about that here.)

Jordan talked about watching some sort of Ultimate Weight Loss challenge, where you follow someone for a year and see their progress---it is inspiring to her.

Adam:  Yeah, when I was outside doing my key ceremony, that's what everybody thought I was doing.

BB cut the feeds for a minute. I guess he means when BB came to shoot the footage of Adam receiving his key for BB...

Jordan's slop almost boiled over when she wasn't watching it---she used a pot that was way too small, and made enough for a week.

Adam came over to help and put it in a larger pot.

Jordan:  Me and cookin' don't mix!

WTF is Rachel wearing?  No wonder she can't get a science job....

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