Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adam Worries and Tells Jordan

that Rachel and Shelly are having a conversation on the patio.  She's just out of bed and finished brushing her teeth.

Adam: They're deep into it, talking about the game and what happened last season...

Jordan:  Rachel is playing devil's advocate..

They discuss how Shelly is trying to twist everything now to keep herself in the game.   Adam tells Jordan he's not ready to go home yet.  He wants to win HOH on Thursday and go to the Final Four.

Adam admits that both Jordan and Rachel have votes from their boyfriends on the Jury, but he says he doesn't care about that.  Jordan tells him that he is disposable to Kalia and Porsche, but not to her and Rachel.

Adam feels better and says he had to say something, because he "knows how Shelly can talk"....

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