Saturday, August 13, 2011

Adam Won.

He won the POV.

Jeff won cash, and must be pretty confident that he didn't the POV.

Jordan is wearing a Dunce Suit (a "humilitard")

Shelly is in 24 confinement in the Have Not room  (see pictures posted earlier).

Someone won a phone call from home---don't know who.

Kalia won a Caribbean vacation.

Dani won a one-week POV ticket---she can play in the veto next week.

Brendon and Rachel didn't get to play.

Adam was reassuring Jordan that he liked the way she and Jeff played the game, and he "wanted to roll with them".  He planned to lie and cheat before coming in the house, but that isn't really him, and he likes the way Jeff and Jordan play the game.

Rachel came in during this discussion and immediately asked:  What are you talking about?  What about?  Huh?  What about last week.

There was tension, but it was quickly diffused when Adam asked her a question about Brendon coming back in the house.

Brendon came in with a huge burrito.  They are talking like Shelly won the call home---Brendon said he would spend 24 hours in that room to be able to call home.

Jordan, to Brenchal:  It just sucks that finally there are trips and prizes, and ya'll don't get to play.

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