Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adam is Making Some Sort of Tex Mex Dish

and Jeff tells him he should make a gordita.  You can tell Adam is a wee bit annoyed with the interference.

Jordan comes in to inspect.

Jordan:  Why are ya'll making so much yummy food now?

Adam:  Well, it's not really.  I really wish I had some catfish, but I don't want to take it away from you.  And if I really wanted to eat, I would get some slop!

Jeff:  It's okay Jordan. He's been on slop before.  Somebody who hasn't been on slop making those comments though...

Jeff, watching Adam:  Are you putting pepper jack cheese on that, too?

Adam:  Yeah.

Jeff:  Fuck!  I'm really wanting to eat something.  I guess I'll go outside.

Jordan is making slop.  Adam states that no one should worry--he will come back and do his dirty dishes after he eats.

Adam's food does look good.  I can't imagine watching someone eat that and being a Have Not. No wonder Enzo cheated so much last year.

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