Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adam Explains the BB9 Scandal to Jeff,

who apparently never heard of it.

The conversation started when they were discussing the taxes Jordan paid on her BB11 earnings.  Jeff told her to deposit the money in her bank account until the taxes were paid.  Jordan says she would have thought about that, but really who knows.

Jordan:  I wish I could just get by not paying taxes....

Adam:  Well, you could.....

Jordan mentioned Richard Hatch and the fact that he got thrown back in jail for not paying his taxes.  Adam explained Adam winning BB9 and then taking his winnings to form a drug distribution ring with Matt from BB9.

Jeff:  Are they in jail now?

Adam:  Yeah, right now.

Jeff:  So stupid....

Adam:   I know...greed huh?

Lawon:  I can't go to jail....not even for one night!

Jeff:  I couldn't even stay in my room during sequester without going bonkers....I can't go to jail.  Much less having some guy chase.......well, you know what I mean.

Adam, sarcastically:  No, I don't know what you mean!

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