Friday, August 26, 2011

Adam Deals

Kalia is chattering NONSTOP about a variety of topics.  Shelly mentioned that Tony had his bachelor party at Dave and Busters and this set Kalia off on a chatter tangent.

Rachel speaks up now and then, sharing information about the location of Dave and Busters in Southern California, and mentioning that Disney had to shut down much of Pleasure Island in Orlando because nobody went there.  (Really???  Wow I used to party there all of the time with my friends who worked at WDW.)

Kalia somehow starts relating this to her Brownie Troop and where they went.

Kalia:  Blah blah blah blah.  Like, blah blah blah.  Know what I mean?  Like, blah.

Not a sound out of Jordan.

Porsche wants to know if the three of them can go up to her HOH room together.

Porsche:  If it is a box...

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